Florida Vacation Pictures…

I’m still on vacation… but here are a few pictures from the past week or so. I have been relaxing and really taking a break from the computer (and it helped that the last place I was staying (in Orlando, Florida) didn’t have an internet connection; though that didn’t stop me from walking around with my laptop searching for wireless signal :) 

One more day to go of beach and water fun and then we are off to Lake Wales, Florida for the Winter Solstice camp.


Here is a picture from yesterday in Delray Beach, Florida. On Saturday my parents flew down from New York and met up with us and we drove down further south to the beach. It’s nice being away from the big city (orlando). 


Charanjeet at the beach playing in the sand….caught making a silly face. 




Narayan and I making a sand castle 



Seagulls would glide and float right over our heads. They were pretty close like they were waiting for me to throw up some bread or something to eat. 



Dadaji and Charanjeet sitting outside in the morning by the lake watching the ducks go by. Charanjeet loved watching the birds in the morning as the sun came up. 


A wave in the ocean crashing into Narayan 


This is from our "Safari" ride at the Disney Animal Kingdom. Narayan watching for animals. 


Waiting in line for a ride at the Animal Kingdom. 


At the Disney Animal Kingdom the areas were broken up into different parts of the world. This picture is from the "Asia" part. and you can see the Anandapur Truck. This "town" was very well done. Every part of it had so much detail in it that it looked quite a bit like India. I did check the bathrooms, but they slacked a bit there…since they didn’t look like Indian bathrooms (I guess that might be a good thing! Hahaha….) 



Narayan has been learning to swim but the pool that is near us at home is pretty cold, deep…and not open very often. Ever since we got here to Florida it has been great. Pools everywhere and most of them are fairly shallow. That coupled with a snorkle, warm water and a googles, he has been swimming away. Kids just love water!  He just plays all day in the water! 


Charanjeet and her favorite brother, Narayan. They love each other so much. I love seeing them play and break out laughing hysterically.