Past Tense

"… And all the energy you put in the past you take away from tomorrow. That’s where lies your sorrow. That’s why you don’t have energy to make everything possible"
"…Every day you are newborn. Every seventy-two hours your cells change. You are a new person. What yesterday? "… What do you want to do with your yesterday? If you have anything to do with yesterday, you will never be prepared for tomorrow. And you will always be poor, handicapped, miserable, exploited, useless idiots."

Q: Then why does the mind produce it when we meditate?

A: Meditation is to clean yesterday.  All the garbage left of yesterday, you clean by meditation. There is no other way to clean it.

Q: So we shouldn’t dwell on it?

A: Once you clean it, why dwell on it? Then the garbage man takes it. That’s called GOD. Mental garbage is taken by the garbage man. That’s called God. That’s why we meditate. We don’t meditate to ask for something. We meditate to be pure. Our purity and piety is done by simran. Simran is: meditate, and cut the negativity with the positive sound – the Word of God. If you can clean your subconscious and do not let those thoughts pour into your unconscious, you can never have a problem in life. You’ll be super-successful. You’ll be able to be one-pointed, and that’s what it takes for success. You have to be very one pointed. You can be in duality over this and duality over that. Here, there, everywhere. It’s too scattered. It’s like you are driving a car with a shattered front glass. It’s very difficult to drive. It’s just like a blind thing. …A broken glass cannot hold water. A split personality cannot have the juice of life. You are so unfortunate…"

Excerpts from lectures by Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa  Yogiji