Winter is Finally Here! First Snow….

The long awaited snow is finally here! This morning it started snowing and it has been snowing and and off all day today. This evening it started to really pick up. There must be at least 8 inches of snow on the ground. Yippee! We went out after dinner to romp around in the snow for a bit of fun. It’s still snowing now (9PM) so I’m looking forward to a big pile of snow in the morning. There nothing like waking up to snow all over. We’ll probably get our snow gear on and roll around and have fun! I’ll have to get out the sleds. Maybe this weekend we’ll drive up to the mountains and go for some good sledding. Fun fun!

Any other snow lovers out there? I feel ripped off if we get a winter without much snow. Without the snow winter is just cold and boring. Snow brings everyone out to play and makes everything bright and beautiful!

A Picture earlier in the day from my office window.


Arjan and Charanjeet. Night fun in the snow!


The front of the Gurdwara as I left the office to head home and the snow coming down pretty good


Snow piling up at home


Me playing with Charanjeet before bed time.


Charanjeet Kaur in her cute little snow suit.

Earlier this afternoon Charanjeet in her bear clothes. It’s so cute with the litte bear ears. She is just playing with her toys as we eat lunch.