The Many Faces of SikhNet


Here is a cool video that myself and Gurujot Singh put together for the SikhNet year end fundraiser. I hope that you will feel inspired and support the work of SikhNet by giving generously. Even if you don’t have a lot of money, please give whatever you can. Every dollar makes a difference.

Please also consider signing up to give a monthly donation. In order for SikhNet to operate we need to be able to count on regular support from the sangat. Our goal this year is to get $5,000 in monthly supporters. If you look on the SikhNet home page you can see our progress. We are just a bit over half way to our goal and hope you can help us get to the "Finnish Line".
My personal thanks and gratitude goes out to all those people who have made a donation to SikhNet so far!

Select an Amount to Donate to SikhNet:
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 Ps. If you liked the cool morphing animation sequence in the above video you can Download it as a Screen Saver.