Winter Vacation Time Coming Soon!

A nice four day holiday weekend is just around the corner and I am looking forward to just hanging out and relaxing. Arjan’s sister is driving down from Colorado with her boyfriend to visit us for the thanksgiving weekend so we will have a full house. 

What I am really looking forward to is a proper vacation which is long overdue. In December we are first off to Orlando, Florida where we will meet some of Arjan’s family for some fun at Disney World. I know this will be a blast for Narayan who has never been to an amusement park like this. That reminds me, I need to do a little research and plan which parts of Disney World to go to. The place is so huge that you have to plan your strategy for what you want to do! If any of you are Disney World Regulars let me know your favorites.

At the end of the week I’ll meet up with my parents who are flying down from New York. We’ll spend a day or so with my Grand Parents who want to meet Charanjeet Kaur. Then we are off to a week of the Winter Solstice Camp in Lake Wales.

The Winter Solstice Camp has special significance for me and Arjan, because this is where we first met…and "fell in love". It’s been SOOO many years since we have been to Winter Solstice so this year we decided to make it happen. Our meeting in the winter of 1996 was a pivotal point in my life because I was struggling with my identity as a Sikh and Arjan provided the missing piece in my life. It’s like the line that Tom Cruise said in the movie Jerry Maguire….. "You complete me". Me and Arjan love to joke about corny lines like this.

Thinking about that time way back then reminds me of one of the letters that I got from Siri Singh Sahib Ji,  just as I was starting up the website which was to become SikhNet.


November 18, 1995
"My dear son in divine Sat Nam. I am very grateful to you for keeping up and going through the hell of life. Life is a situation of test, trial and triumph. You will be tested in your life and you must be strong. There is no easy way, and no easy answer. You must face all of your doubts and excel in spite of them; this is the test of life. A test would not be a test if it did not take all of your grit to overcome it. Every man who has achieved greatness in his life has gone through the most difficult time, full of doubt and pain. However, one thing that you must remember is that these situations build your character and make you strong. There is nothing for you to do but to overcome yourself. I cannot dispel your doubts, only you can do this through your spiritual practice. Those you run away from doubt and fear without challenging it can never live in peace or have happiness. This is your test, my son. See it for what it is and get on with your life.

My deepest prayers and blessings are with you. May Guru Ram Das bless
you and guide you.

In the name of the cosumes which prevail through everyBODY and the Holy Nam which holds the world.

Humbly Yours, Yogi Bhajan"