Building 100 Homes for the needy in 5 Days


Just recently my brother Dharam Singh who has been in India along with some of his friends (Himmat Singh and Simran Singh) particpated in the "Habitat For Humanity" – Jimmy Carter Work Project (In Maharastara). This is a charitable operation in which over 2,000 volenteers from India and abroad build 100 small homes in just 5 days for people in need. I haven’t heard all the details yet in how it went but did see these pictures of the group of volenteers that my brother was with for building some homes.

Above cropped picture with my brother and friends in the back row behind former US President Jimmy Carter. This is just one of the many groups of volenteers that participated in this event.

Completion of build week leaves participants feeling a ‘Habitat high’
An event like the JCWP, which involves a mere five days of building, takes well over a year of planning and coordination. Every detail must be worked out – from what sort of construction supplies to use to how much toilet paper will be needed to stock the bathrooms. People have to be fed. Trash has to be picked up. Ice and water have to be ordered, stored and distributed. Hotels have to be booked. Vehicles have to be rented.

And while all of the details would be a challenge even in the most metropolitan cities in the developed world, this year’s JCWP takes place on the outskirts of a smallish town in the developing world.

JCWP has not been easy. But we all know — beyond the exhaustion, sunburns and sore muscles – that we have done good in this place.

One hundred families who have overcome obstacles far greater than any we have faced now have houses that they will soon move into. Thousands of volunteers are leaving this site on a “Habitat high,” excited to continue work in India and all around the world. No exhaustion can mask the pleasure of helping others to have the simple joy of a decent place to live.

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