The Life of Guru Nanak (Animated Stories)

Today someone forwarded me a link to a cool video which appears to be clay animation. This is the first animated video I have seen telling stories related to Guru Nanak (or any Guru for that matter). I am familiar with all the stories, but there was something nice about seeing it visually in the animation.  Religions of the WorldI always hear about controversy of making a movie/animation about the Sikh Gurus. In my opinion I think it can be a great way to educate the youth about Sikhi. In this age of multi-media it is helpful to have these types of means for teaching children. As with anything…there is always room for mistakes, but with the right intentions and effort I think the positive benefits far outweigh any negative.

After a bit of searching around I found out that this animation is just part of a DVD on most of the major world religions. The DVD is titled “Religions of the World: Our World Faiths Animated“. It is for sale on and other retailers. If you have a Netflix video rental account you can rent it too (I just added it to my rental queue).

“Illustrating brilliant renditions of different faiths and cultures around the world, this highly acclaimed animated series from the BBC captures the essence and basic tenets of eight religions—Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Sufism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, and Confucianism. Each 15-minute segment (Buddhism and Hinduism are 30 minutes each) offers easy-to-grasp stories through soothing characters, pleasant and culturally significant music, and a mixture of cel animation, paintings, and Claymation. Though appropriate for all ages, this artistically valid series is a great way to capture the interest and enthusiasm of younger students. Grades 3 and up. Color. Total time: 150 minutes”

So, have a watch of the section on Guru Nanak and if you enjoy it get a copy of the DVD to learn more about all the other religions. My son Narayan enjoyed it. He knew must of the stories but loved watching it visually.