A State of Just Being


I am just now coming out of two days of “just being” as I was forced to stay in bed as a result of being sick. It was one of those things that was so unexpected, and just came on overnight. One day I felt great…and then next morning I couldn’t even walk. It was hard to be in a state where you can’t do anything and feel so bad that all you can do is just lie there and hope it passes soon. Last night was the peak as I tried to sleep, going back and forth between being freezing cold and burning hot. My wife made me some hot ginger lemon tea and gave me a homeopathic remedy. Shorty after that my fever broke to my relief. Now this morning I feel somewhat better. At least I can function somewhat and can move around, though it seems I am on to the next part of me being sick with swollen tonsils. I guess I am supposed to rest some more.The past two days seemed like eternity. As I lay in bed all I could do was try to sleep and pray that I would feel better soon. It was a humbling feeling to be in such a state where you can’t do anything but just be. I don’t get sick very often and most of the time not anything like this. I remember lying in bed in the a delirious state feeling like I was going to die (I know it’s a bit dramatic but that’s how it felt). It made me think of all those people who have major illnesses who have to deal with this type of thing every day, just struggling to be alive. So much in our lives we take for granted and it is not till we loose those things that we realize it.

I am not writing all this for sympathy or well wishes, but just to share the thought of not taking your health and everything in your life for granted. Try this exercise. Get some paper and a pen and start to write down all the things that you are greatful for in your life (personal, physical, etc., anything!). Think deeply about it and don’t overlook the simple things. When you finish take this list and post it in a place you will see everyday to remind you of the many gifts that you have. Just the act of consciously writing this down is a big step in bringing your awareness to these many gifts. So, the next time you feel some lack in your life look at this list and remember all the the many things that God has given to you.