Look into my crystal ball

Charanjeet entranced by one of Narayan’s toys which is this spinning light ball/wand.

Charanjeet Kaur is growing fast! She is teething like crazy (droolling all over) and making all kinds of sounds. She loves making gurgle sounds. When I make sounds with her  she smiles and laughs. It is so amazing having a child. Charanjeet is so joyfull and full of love. When I am tired…Charanjeet gives me one of her huge smiles, and everything seems to melt away. The innocence of children!

Narayan is pretty smiley now….but when he was a baby…we were lucky if we got a minor smile once a day. Charanjeet on the other hand makes everyone feel her love, with smiles served out like parshad for everyone; Making all feel special. What a gift!