Ramala for the Guru by the Children

The children of the Sangat have been working on a gift for the Guru all month. First they learned the story of the orphan Jetha (Guru Ram Das’ name as a child – which means "first born") and how he sold wheat berries in the streets of Goindwal to provide for his grandmother and himself. They then took packages of wheat berries around to the offices here and sold them for $1 each, explaining their project to everyone to make a ramalla for the Guru. With the money collected, beautiful cloth was purchased for a Ramala designed by the children. Each child decorated a square using special fabric paints, and these were put together by (auntie) Guru Nam Kaur (SikhNet wale). This creative Ramala, blessed with the innocence of our children, was presented to the Guru this past Sunday in celebration of the Guru Gaddee Day of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib.

This was a great way for the kids to learn and be involved. Rather than just hearing a story, they had a chance to experience it in some form and be involved. Guru Simran Kaur has done wonderfull seva with the kids and continues to organize activities like this for the kids to learn and deepen their experience with the Guru.

A while back they did a treasure hunt for the nine treasures (From Ardas: "Guru Teg Bahadur Simmeriye, Ghar NAu Nidh ave Tiyahe",  Meditate on Guru Teg Bahadur and the nine treasures shall come to you). In order for them to know the hint for the next location of the treasure they hear some sikhi related clue. They had quite a bit of fun and learnt a lot!

Who said learning about Sikhi can’t be fun!! One just has to take the time to think about things to do…and be creative!