The Distortion of Women’s Beauty

Media and pop-culture shape so much of how people think about themself and what is "beautiful". We are constantly being bombarded with images of twig like "perfect" women. Glamour magazines are FULL of so called "perfect" looking women. I have never seen a magazines so THICK AND FULL in my life (than glamour mags)!! I can only imagine what it must be like as a women growing up with these images. These women are SO unnatural looking. It’s no wonder many girls/women these days have a low self esteem and are self conscious about their looks. Everyone is doing extreme dieting, getting boob jobs and plastic surgery to try to reach this artificial beauty.

As a society we have become so disconnected with ourself and can no longer see the natural beauty that we all have, both inside and out. Our youth especially have started to equate this as real and as a result having a low self esteem about how they look.

One thing which you may not even realize is that most of the images you see in the media are actually unreal. Seriously! In this digital age it has become ever easier to artificially change and "beautify" images.

Below is a 1 minute video, produced to show how an average looking woman got transformed into a supermodel image, and ended up on a huge billboard. This is a campaign started by Dove to promote Real Beauty and help women with self-esteem.

Have a watch, and think about what you can do to educate your friends or children about Real Beauty!

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