Music by Sikh Women & Youth

Over the years I have seen many of my friends and other Sikh youth use MUSIC  to express their creativity and love of the Guru in many different ways. Now that Sikhs are all over the world, it is natural for different musical styles to be adopted by youth growing up in that country. Music is so universal and such a beautiful way to communicate feelings. While I love classical music, I also love the variety and exploration of music from all different backgrounds and cultures. So, I am always excited when I hear new and creative music by other Sikhs/Youth.

More and more I am seeing youth expand into other styles of music within the Sikh Community. Interestingly enough, most of the musicians seem to be Sikh women. In India most Sikh musicians seem to be men, however the opposite seems to be happening outside of India where woman probably feel more creative, and empowered to express themself musically. Amazingly woman are not being allowed to play kirtan in Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple), as well as do many of the sevas; so one can start to understand why woman don’t take up music in a larger way there. They just don’t seem to be accepted like men are in the music arena (publicly). In a very generalized way when I think of many men doing kirtan and Gurdwara activities it feels so much more more like a "status" thing. Whereas for women It feels so much more about the simple love for the Guru. I feel like woman have the extra "heart" and compassion which is lacking often in men.

Where I live (Espanola, New Mexico) hardly any men do kirtan. During Gurdwara 95% of the time the person doing kirtan or Gurdwara seva is a woman. Maybe men in western cultures are not as interested in music. I’m not sure why this is the case. Maybe it’s just part of a shift in the times.

Soul Songs – by Bachan Kaur
Tonight I would like to share with you a beautiful new CD by my friend Bachan Kaur. This CD is quite different from your average CD. It is a mix of Mantra/Gurbani and self empowering words to meditate on. The center point of the tracks are her voice and the Guitar, with tabla and some other intrumentals as backup. As I listen I go into a meditative space as I feel the words and sounds coming from her heart. Below are a few of the tracks from the CD that you can listen to. If you enjoy the CD please support her and the music by buying a CD or MP3 downloads.
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(Note: Once you hit one of the play buttons below it might take between 5-30 seconds depending on the speed of your internet connection before you start hearing the audio.) 

Amrit Naam

Starts out with beautiful solo vocals and simple guitar, and builds from there as you go deeper into the meditation.

Ik Ardas

This track is a bit faster and more up-beat, chanting of the Shabad "Ik Ardas Baat Kirat Ki". Simple vocals and guitar start out…and it builds as different instruments are added…building momentum. Like a train starting from the station and building up as it goes faster and faster.

Being Nothing

This one is just instrumental, but I really like it. When I listen to it I feel my body relaxing as I go into the sounds and get transported to another world. It has a etheric/heavenly sound. I guess it is like the track title "Being Nothing". One with everything, yet being nothing.

Brightest of Eyes

A very heartfelt song about shining bright like a star and being a lighthouse for others.


Sadhana MusicAngels in the Amrit
This is a soulful, live recording of Bachan Kaur’s sadhana tunes recorded in Vancouver, Canada. The CD has eight tracks on it which are meant to chant and meditate with. Profits from this CD will go to help support B.C. youth go to India to Miri Piri Academy in Amritsar. This is an amazing school which is training young leaders for tommorow. Below are three of the tracks from the CD for your listening pleasure.
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Sat Siri Siri Akal

Wahe Guru Wahe Jio

Guru Ram Das Chant

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