Guru Ram Das Ji’s Birthday Gurdwara


Tonight we had an evening Gurdwara to celebrate the birth of Guru Ram Das Ji. The Gurdwara was so beautifully decorated with lights, draping cloth, flower petals and candles. I was writing a blog article below this one right before the Gurdwara, and then as soon as I heard the Kirtan start I jumped up and went into the Gurdwara.

As I bowed before the Guru I felt an intense emotion and love for the Guru. I realized one thing which I didn’t write about earlier, but which is so important. Yes, we all have lots to do and can be busy all the time. We can try to find balance, however I think you also have to really look at what things are most important in your life. I’m not talking about how this or that report is due on friday or how you have to pay your telephone bill on time. I’m talking about much deeper stuff, like finding your purpose here on earth. A lifetime will waste away in everyday happenings. In Gurbani the Gurus talk about this quite often. They talk about how people get caught up in Maya and how these wordly things won’t come with you when you leave this earth; only when people are dying do they then wish they had spent more time doing other things.

If you want to refrain from something, refrain when you are young. Youth is the time of life when you can do anything. It is during the time of old age that the bloody wolf declares, ‘Now I have become vegetarian’ because after losting his teeth he can’t hunt anything."SSS

So on this day of Guru Ram Das Ji’s Birthday try to sit down and think about your life. Think about what your heart is really telling you that you need to do. It could be telling you to meditate or do banis. It could be saying to work less and spend more time if your family; To be a teacher and example to your children; Or to serve more in your community. The key is taking the time to tune into your heart and let your intuition and the Guru guide you to what is missing from your life. THEN once you know what it is… actually DO IT!

When I start to get "off track" and feel that emptyness; wanting to avoid things in my life. A little voice starts to call out from inside me, yearning for me to make a change. Most of the time I know what I need to do and am just avoiding it. So, recognize what it is for you and try to overcome it!

Ok, time to get some rest. I hope you all had a blessed day. As buzz light year likes to say… "To Infinity…and Beyond!"


The Gurdwara tonight was another "Bring-a-dish-make-a-wish" langar so everyone from the sangat cooked something or brought something for the langar. A above picture is some of the food that the sangat placed before the Guru. It was yum…yum!