RateMyTurban.com Creating Awareness about the Sikh Turban

Rate My Turban

The "RateMyTurban.com" website started as an idea by my creative friend Ashvinder Singh which we both took together and went running with. It is one of those fun ideas that creates a good positive image about Sikhs and the Turban. We wanted to keep it in a positive light and wanted to steer away from people rating critically of others. You’ll notice that there is no bad rating (Ok, Good, Very Good, Excellent, Super). There is also information about what the turban is and how to tie one.

Over the past months since the website was launched on SikhNet it has gotten reviewed all over the internet on websites that have nothing to do with religion. Just the fact that it was interesting for people and was a cool idea brought about exposure. People are used to seeing the turban in a negative role in the media (like terrorism and Osama bin Laden). Then all of a sudden there is a interesting website that features the turban in a cool and fun way. It gives another venue for people to relate to turbans.

Every time I see someone wearing an interesting turban that is unique I always want to go up to them and tell them to send me a picture, or post it themself on RateMyTurban.com. I think the website has been very successfull and hope that YOU take a few minutes to post a picture of yourself wearing a turban. It’s all in good fun!

Today I got an email from a radio show that was letting us know that they were featuring the RateMyTurban.com Website. RateMyTurban.com is being featured this month on Eye on the Web, a radio show that reaches all 50 U.S. states and 124 other countries.

Here is what they say on the air:

"Black, white, cerulean; high, rounded, elegantly simple …. You’ll see turbans of all shapes, sizes and colors at the charming site Rate My Turban. You can see the most popular turban, check out the day’s super turbans and the Turban Hall of Fame, meet some of the turban wearers, learn to tie a turban, and even submit your own for rating. Or you can just be  mesmerized by the centerpiece of the site: the simple opportunity to see different turbans and rate them from one to ten – you don’t even have to hit "go" to give your opinion on each look. You can focus on just men’s or just women’s turbans or turbans worn by certain age groups, or even look at some of the previous turbans and rate them. And you won’t be alone: the nearly 600 turbans on the site have been rated more than 435,000 times! On a scale of one to ten, this site rates an easy eight!"

RateMyTurban also got featured on Yahoo Picks. These are just two of the many websites and radio shows that have talked about the website. It’s definitely one neutral way without getting into religion to feature the turban in a positive way to the general public.