Men’s Circle by the Fire

Last night while the "girls" were having a pre-wedding party, the guys got together under the stars around a fire. Not your typical bachelor party! A little bit of meditation and chanting, and then sharing. It was great having some time for the guys to hang out and share personal experiences with each other relating to marriage; giving support to a friend who is about to get married. I think it’s important to have a support group and have people that you can confide and share with.

Narayan came along with me for the "boys night" and had fun watching the fire and throwing sticks in. I enjoyed the father/son time with him. I look forward to more of this type of thing as he get’s older.


Sitting around the fire….


Meditating together…


A Picture of one of my friends meditating by the fire. I took the picture in a way that it looks like he is levitating over the fire.