Latest Youth Film Festival Videos

Video Titled: My Quest…ions

by 23 year old Harbir Singh from Mumbai, India

Harbir SinghThe video shares Harbir Singh’s quest for answers relating to being a Sikh. I love how he interviewed so many different people, young and old trying to get answers to his many questions. It’s a video sharing his personal journey to learn more about his own life and being a Sikh.

The video ends with…. "Where do you go and whom do you ask? Do you even have questions? Answer them for me, and answer them for others like me before we stop questioning and before it is too late….."

Video Titled: Guru Da Ghar
by 23 year old Jaspreet Singh from Punjab, India

"The video "Guru Da Ghar – A perspective" peeps into the minds of Sangat to obtain their views on the basic question as to "Why we come to Gurdwara and how it affects our lives". Road shows were conducted across Gurdwaras in India for this purpose. Views expressed by the Sangat trigger a debate, instigating the youth to girdle up in right earnest and take up the challenge of re-rejuvenating the hallowed institution of Gurdwara – the life line of Sikhs."

PS. Are many of you watching the videos? If you are, please do post your thoughts and comments with each video as it will encourage the people that created them, and also serves as a way to discuss the content of the video further.