SikhNet Youth Film Festival – Featured Videos

It’s been a long few days for the SikhNet Youth Film Festival. The submission deadline has officially passed for youth to enter a video into the competition. Now it’s now time for us all to have fun! It’s time for people and judges to watch the videos and see what people from all over the world have submitted! Everyone seemed to wait to the last minute to submit their videos so there has been a lot to deal with. We got over 20 video submissions which is much more than I had expected! Especially considering that I thought no one was going to submit a video (a month ago) when we only had 3 videos.

Over the next week and a half we will feature different videos that were submitted to the SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival. You can go ahead and check out today’s latest videos.

You’ll notice some of the videos that I have featured in the past few months, but there are two new ones which I posted up today! The first video is from the "Junior Division" which is Age 11-17. The video is titled: Sikhi Sambhal Veera, Directed by 16 year old Harsimrat Singh, and created as a team effort with many of his school mates at Mata Jai Kaur Public School in New Delhi, India.

The video is in Punjabi and the story line has to do with a Sikh boy who wants to cut his hair and how his friend helps him see things differently. It is great fun seeing the main actor (another young boy) lip syncing during one of the music scenes. What would an Indian movie be without a music scene!?? The video was a great effort considering how young all the kids are. For me I liked the fact that all the kids worked together to make it.

Above: Some of the kids from Mata Jai Kaur Public School who were involved in making the video.


The second featured video for today is from the "Senior Division" (Age 18-25),  Titled The Call, by the Bansal brothers: Jasmeet Singh Bansal (Age 19) & Baljeet Singh Bansal (Age 25) along with their other brother Sukhjeet Singh (Age 23) who was the actor in the film. They are from Pennsylvania, USA. They did a great job with the all aspects of the video and I really enjoyed it.

Here is a summary of the film "The Call": "Life’s routine can often make a person question their beliefs and values but sometimes doubt turns into determination and the quest to be one with God begins. Meet a young Sikh, a wandering soul, as he journeys thru life awaiting the Gurus call.

Stay tuned in the coming days for more videos! If you haven’t seen the videos that I featured already head on over to the main page listing all the videos that have been featured so far.