Guruka Singh In England

Sat Nam!  Had a lovely flight from Houston to Gatwick. I slept all the way, arrived refreshed and spent Thursday gadding about Southall with Kiran and Ravinderpal. I got Ravinderpal’s enthusiastic tour of Southall Broadway (he seems to know everyone on Broadway even the jelebbi guy) followed by a visit to the Siri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara (it’s huge!) then off to Navleen Kaur’s house for a yummy lunch cooked by Navleen and her mum. We ate with several of the camp sevadars, Navleen’s husband, Har Kamal Singh, and her wonderful mum and dad. In the evening I taught a great Kundalini Yoga class at Pineapple Studios Covent Garden and got to bed around midnight.

Ravinderpal Singh’s lovely sister Indi Kaur is a singer and her new album was just released yesterday. Her first album (released last year) is called "Keep on Walking – Songs of Sikh Saints" and the new one is called "Imajind." It’s full of delightful upbeat tracks featuring Indi’s great vocals. You can hear a sample from two tracks from "Imagind" below. You can purchase Indi’s first album at and be sure to leave a comment telling them that you’d like them to carry her new CD as well.

This morning Navleen and I are teaching at a Sikh Children’s Camp run by the Siri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara (over 100 elementary school age kids) and then tomorrow is my all-day workshop on Aquarian Relationships.  I’ll be moving to another sevadhar’s house Saturday evening and then on to Sikh Student Camp on Sunday.