Narayan’s 5th Birthday

Well today (Aug 12) was Narayan’s 5th Birthday. He has been counting down the weeks/days; excited to be one year older (and of course getting birthday party and presents)! What kid doesn’t like to have a good party?

As a surprise we got Narayan a huge trampoline for him to play on outside. He has so much energy and always wants to stay busy, so we have been trying to find things that he can do outside for fun. I don’t know about other places in the world…but in America kids love a good trampoline. I bought it the other day from the store and while Narayan slept over at a friend’s house I set it up. When he came back in the morning we blind folded him and showed him the surprise. The rest of the day the kids were jumping away. They had some good fun!

Dharam (aka: bro) …you sure did beat me to the blog posts for Narayan’s Birthday….but hey…your in India! Watch the video if you can. Might be sketchy watching at the cybercafe in Amritsar.

Anways…here is some video footage from earlier today (and pictures below). I had some computer/video problems so this took me MUCH longer than I had anticipated. Such is life with computers. Hopefully you enjoy it. It’s also got some little videos of Charanjeet Kaur too.

Download Video