Mangala Charan (of Jaap Sahib) CD

Sat Kirin Kaur - Mangala Charan

Earlier in June my mother taught a workshop at the  awesome Jaap Sahib Course which was held here in Espanola, New Mexico. Her workshop topic was to discuss and meditate on a part of Jaap Sahib which is called the "Mangala Charan". In preparation for the course she created a nice up-beat new Audio track (and then a CD) which is a meditation on the Mangala Charan From Jaap Sahib.

Some of you might know my mother Sat Kirin Kaur and her beautiful music. She plays classical Gurbani Kirtan very nicely, but in some of her recent CDs she has created a unique sound which fuses east and west. This style has had a wide appeal within the Spiritual/New Age/Yoga/Meditation class of music…which has allowed people from all faiths and religions to enjoy and meditate on Gurbani, which I think is awesome!

The energy of Jaap Sahib is very different from other banis that I have done. When I do Jaap Sahib I feel lots of Energy. It is a very powerfull bani that is hard for me to explain how it makes me feel when reciting. The audio that my mother put together I think is keeping in with this energy. When you hear the below audio clip you’ll of course notice that it is very rythmic and up-beat. The actual CD is 62 minutes long with 11 repititions. It is intended to be used for meditation and chanting with.

Sat Kirin Kaur – Mangala Charan of Jaap Sahib

Chatara Chakara Varti - Jaap SahibAnother similiar CD that my mother put together is "Chatar Chakar Varti", also a mantra from Jaap Sahib, by Guru Gobind Singh ji. This track is originally from the CD album titled "Lightness of Being" but was changed a bit and extended to about 62 minutes long for use as a meditation.


You can hear a 2 minute clip from this CD by clicking one of the below links:

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If you like any of these CDs, want to purchase copies, or just want to hear some other CDs by my mother Sat Kirin Kaur, head over to CD Baby which is a store that sells her CDs.