Bon Voyage Dharam Singh

Dharam and Charanjeet

Dharam came for a quick visit before driving of to the airport to go to New York for a few days, before flying to India for the year.

This was his first time Holding Charanjeet. I remember when we first had Narayan how awkward it was trying to hold a baby…not really knowing the proper way. Especially since babies this young can’t hold their head up and are quite small.

We are all going to miss Dharam so much. He brings so much to our lives and to the community here through is bright smiles, positive projection and service in our local Langar program which he initiated along with some other youth from Espanola.

Narayan loves his uncle Dharam. Jumping on him…wrestling…and all the playfull fun they would have together. I don’t think Narayan really understands that Dharam is going to be gone for a long while. For kids a few weeks is long…so a year is a lifetime.

Our prayers are with Dharam Singh who is moving to Amritsar with the intention of going to school at Guru Nanak Dev University (Amritsar) and getting involved locally in other ways. I heard that the university was giving him and Harbhajan Singh (who is also going) some issues with getting into the university. The little I heard sounded pretty rediculous, political and descriminative. Hopefully things get worked out without any trouble. I think Dharam and Harbhajan would add so much to any school….and why wouldn’t they want some diversity?? Anways.. we’ll see what happens.

Even though Dharam spent most of his school year in India… I think after living in the USA for the past years it will be good for him to go back to India and hopefully find is "mission in life". Hopefully he will blog about his experiences while he is there.

Dharam our thoughts and prayers are with you as you travel and venture back to Amritsar.