Guru Bin Guth Nahin – Lecture in Punjabi

When I was in Singapore I got some old lectures one of my friends, of Siri Singh Sahib Haribhajan Singh Khalsa talking to the Sangat in Malaysia and Singapore. This lecture is from when I was only 2 years old, from 1977 in Malaysia. In the past some of you had requested that I post some more lectures by Yogi Bhajan in Punjabi. So here you go :)

I don’t understand Punjabi very well so can’t really give you a summary, but Joginder Singh listened to it and noted down a few things that was discussed in the lecture: "Taking birth in Sikh house, living in rehat, importance of your hair, use of Kanga, intuition, why sikhs  are called Singh’s & Kaur’s, Bani’s & Bana, being Gurumukh, importance of eye-brows to vegas nerve, which is for thinking."

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