Blog Comments (Your Picture)

In case you didn’t notice I added a cool little feature to help personlize your comments on the blog. For those of you that are regular visitors and comment on the blog you can upload a small image (avatar) of yourself, and whenever you post a comment it will display next to your message. This is a great visual way for people to identify you and your comments. The image will also turn into a link to your website (if you list one in your comments).

It’s easy to setup. All you need to do is post a comment and you should see something like shown below. With another option to "Sign me up for a Gravatar". Just check that box and then enter in a password.

If you don’t see this option then just go to: and register (only takes a few seconds). It will send you an email to activate your account and then you can upload your image. That’s it. (It won’t display till they approve/rate your image).

 Screen Capture of what it looks like when you leave a comment.