Newborn Baby Girl

Yesterday at 1:36PM, June 27th 2006 we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. We were not sure when the baby was going to come and had some friends over for dinner the other night…and then after going to sleep Arjan started having contractions. She woke me up at about 3:30AM and I started timing the space between them. We waited till it was later in the morning and called our midwife (Seva) who came over to our house and checked Arjan out. As soon as Arjan started walking around (11AM) her active labor started. As you might have guessed we had a home birth (with our midwife) and didn’t go to the hospital. It is so nice having a baby at home in your own personal space. The labor went really well. Arjan did a water birth (having the baby in a pool of warm water) and she said this made it much easier and less painfull. It was such an exciting moment as the baby came out and I held her head as Arjan pushed. Then with the last push the baby went into my hands, Seva unraveled the tube which was around her neck and I put the baby on Arjan’s chest. It’s hard to explain the feeling of having a baby born. For months you relate to the baby…inside momma…and then the next thing you know a real living person is out and looking at you. They are so tiny when they first come out and it is just amazing.