Jakara Movement


A few years back I was able to participate in a cool youth event organized by the the ‘Jakara Movement’ in Fresno, California. They have continued to provide these events to address the needs of the youth of today. This year the topic is on Sikh women, which I feel is a very important one. This is a great opportunity to get involved, learn, share, be a part of the change. It’s only a few weeks away so if you want to attend the event register ASAP.

Here is a video and some text about this years Jakara Event
Over five hundred years ago, Guru Nanak proclaimed, ‘without woman, there is nothing.’ However all too often, women are treated as if they are nothing. From female foeticide, to double standards, to abuse within our relationships and homes, it is time for the ”next generation of Sikhs” to make a change. It is time for the men to heal our women, to be real to our women; it is time for the women to love themselves, to empower themselves just as our Gurus desired. At the 7th Jakara, we will begin that dialogue.

‘Join us at the next Jakara as we pay homage to our Sikh women and celebrate Kaur Voices: Exalt, Express and Empower.’

If you are a woman you can help out by filling out the following survey.