Global Sikhs – Mission Aceh

When I was in Malaysia I had a chance to meet with a lot of different Sikhs there. During one of those meetings we talked about the huge destructive Tsunami which hit Dec 26th 2004 (Indonesia, India, etc). They told me stories of how the local Malaysian Sangat had risen to the call to serve in a time of need, by bringing food and aid to remote areas of Indonesia that were not getting help. The below video is from a documentary (DVD) which was created to document the service that was done. This is another good video that I watched the other day while I was sick. It was inspiring to see the efforts of the Malaysian Sangat. They did an awesome job!

I hope that Sikhs take this example and serve others even in “normal” times, however big or small the service. We shouldn’t have to wait for a huge disaster to get out and serve. Sikhs must be known for service otherwise we will be persecuted. We already see discrimination and hate towards Sikhs as a result of mis-understandings about who Sikhs are. People see turbans and think arab/muslim/terrorist/iraq. We want them to see the Turban and think Peace/Service/Humble/Sikh.

SikhNet Seva CentralAny seva is good, but I think it is also important that we get out and serve people within our community (not just at Gurdwara and other Sikhs). So…take this opportunity to make a commitment to yourself to start doing something. Get some friends or family together and do it together. You can be the leader and make it happen! You can also head over the SikhNet’s Seva Central and see different seva projects.

“This is a time to befriend those who have no friends, this is a time to serve those who cannot be served, this is a time to uplift those who do not know how to spell it. This is a time you must relate to your spirit and vitality so that you can have virtue, this is the real time of sharing, caring….” – YB