SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival


Ok…so I guess no one guessed the news from yesterday’s picture/hint. :)

Today I would like to let you all know about a cool new project that SikhNet is hosting. This all new Youth Online Film Festival came about as a result of seeing the power of low-tech videos that are now spreading around online. You don’t need to go to film school or have a $100,000 budget to make a short video. Just some creativity and a willingness to learn.

Essay competitions are so Old School! Computers and technology are so much a part of most of our everyday lives that is only seems natural to try to have a challenge for the youth that is high tech and up with the times. We are going to be featuring the video submissions on SikhNet as they come in for all to watch, and then after the Aug, 31st deadline we will announce the competition winners (cash prizes). Some of these videos may also be shown at upcoming Spinning Wheel Film Festivals in Toronto, Canada and California.

My hope is that youth all over will take this opportunity to try something new and use their creativity to communicate a message related to being a Sikh. A 3-10 minute video can have a huge impact, but you’ll never know till you try and ‘give yourself a voice’.

Help Me Spread the Word…
If you have a blog or website you can help with this project by posting a small bit of HTML on your website which will display an image about the film festival. Get it Here.

Please tell all your friends and family. If you are under 26 get a few friends together and do it as a group (unless you want all the prize cash for yourself, Hahahaha). Have fun with it…and have a good chance at winning some cool cash and people all around the world watching it!

Here are some ideas for videos to get you started

  • Tell an inspirational story about yourself or someone you know.
  • Interview your friends and/or family on some topic or issue related to Sikhi.
  • Sharing a story or personal experience related to Sikhi.
  • A ‘video portrait’ of a friend or family member showing their life as a Sikh.
  • How my parents (or other family) came to America and kept their Sikhi in spite of the challenges they faced.
  • How it’s cool to be a Sikh (Sikhs hanging out with Non Sikhs or vice versa).
  • How Sikh children can combat bullying or teasing.
  • A comedy that teaches a lesson.
  • Create a Sikh related music video – use bangra or other dance.
  • A drama on why we need to keep our identity.
  • Your experience leading up to taking Amrit and how the experience has changed you.
  • This year is the 400th Anniversary of Guru Arjan Dev Ji’s Myrtrdom. Create a video about the meaning of personal sacrifice or a similar theme.
  • A message for the next generation Sikh youth of the world.
  • A video that shows the unity of the Sikhs.
  • Future job professions featuring Sikhs (athlete, solider, congressional leader, actor, etc.)
  • Musical performance that highlights Sikhism (rock band, rap).
  • A video that confronts Sikh social issues (keeping both hair and beard).

    Ready to Get Started? Who’s in?

    Maybe I can get Narayan to do a video. Oh darn…he is under 11 years old.