Weekend Happenings

Braveheart – Actually Narayan loves to paint his face. We have these paint crayons that he uses. Sometimes I see him dissapear and the next minute I see colors all over his face and he is transformed into some animal.

Prabhujot Singh painted up at the Healing Fair that we held a couple of weeks ago. All the kids painted their faces. It was a lot of fun.

Narayan face painted again and trying on my sunglasses

Another Narayan Smile

Narayan with Prabhujot showing me a snail that he found.

The Matrix

A nice New Mexico view from a friends house.

Dharam Singh, Himmat Singh and Narayan in the tree

Cool shot of Dharam way up in the tree. They were breaking dead branches off the tree.

Narayan has been loving climbing trees. Here he is sitting.

Another beautiful New Mexico Sky

Top floor of our Langar Hall. Cool view of the clouds

Narayan Zipping Around on his Skate Board