New Blog Layout and System

Well, the past few nights have been long. That’s all I can say. I’ve been moving over to a new blog system and at first it was great, but have been trying to work out some issues. Your average blogger just types text and a picture here and there. I post quite a bit of audio, video and pictures so this has complicated it. I have to have a streamlined system so that I don’t spend a huge amount of time formatting and uploading, etc.

Anyways, the new blog is up as you can see. Still rough on the edges and things to work out. Here are a few of the new things…

  • Better commenting system
  • Get notified of new comments on a specific post.
  • Blog posts organized In categories for easier browsing (still have to categorize the old posts which is going to take some time!)
  • Recent comments show on the right navigator.
  • Integrated realtime search for blog.
  • RSS feeds for both new posts and new comments.
  • Lots of stuff that is “under the hood” that makes it easier to organize and present the info.