Chardikala Jatha – Story and Video Challenge!

(The challenge is at the end of story)

I was just watching the video of Chardikala Jatha and I saw one of my friends Ramdas Singh who is seen in the video playing the Tampura towards the right side. This made me remember of a story that Bibiji told us recently.

While Chardikala Jatha was playing in Harmandir Sahib Bibiji received some phone calls of congratulation about getting a woman to play kirtan inside Harmandir sahib. She then received some other calls from from management being irritated that they had dressed a girl up as a man to “sneak” in and do kirtan. Obviously Bibji didn’t know what they were talking about. She then realized they thought that Ramdas Singh (playing the tampura) was a girl, because he didn’t have much of a beard. She cleard it up and told them that he was a boy, FOR SURE. So, the management supposedly instructed the camera people to zoom in on Ramdas Singh’s face to show the world his mini amounts of beard from his chin (and that it was not a woman).

This is just too funny. Sorry Ramdas.

Having a woman play kirtan in Harmandir Sahib shouldn’t be an issue, and it’s sad to see Gender inequality in our very own Harmandir Sahib. Don’t get me started on this issue. It’s a hot topic for me. (trying to stay on topic)

The challenge….
So, as I was watching the video I wondered if they really did zoom in on Ramdas Singh’s face to show his beard. The challenge is to see if one of you can find out if they actually did do this. You’ll probably have to download the video and skip through it, or fast forward. Let’s see if one of you take the challenge and be the first!

Good Luck! Let the games begin!
If you do find it…post the number of minutes/seconds into the video as a comment.