Summer Solstice Camp – Flashback Pictures

3HO has been having the Summer Solstice camps for over 30 years (before I was born). Here are a couple pictures of me and my parents from way back when I was 14 months old.

In case you have been thinking about coming to Espanola, New Mexico this summer for the Summer Solstice Camp, it’s not too late. It’s about a month and a half away. For me the camps are always a blast! A mix of fun, spirituality, learning, processing. Already we have a cool group of Sikh youth from Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, England and other countries (in addition to the 1,200+ people that already come from around the world for the camp.). If you are interested in joining us at the camp, let me know. I have some discounts available too which might apply to you :)

Me and My Mataji at Summer Solstice Camp 1976

Me and my Papaji in a tent at Summer Solstice 1976