No More Mudslinging – Let There Be Peace

What a day. I keep trying to work on various SikhNet projects and things just keeping coming up and keeping me away from them. Lots going on in my life right now, preparing for the arrival of a new child.

I like to keep up with what is going on within the “Sikh Blogosphere” and some Sikh Discussion forums. I have to admit though I am deeply saddened when I constantly see people “throwing mud” at each other and spreading hate and ill will. It’s as if we as a Sikh community have a virus that causes a person to constantly criticize, judge and say negative things about people.

What about the principles of Love, Acceptance, Tolerance, Unity, Understanding, PEACE. It’s as if people have so much hate and anger inside that the only way to deal with it is to put someone down. Who wants to be a Sikh in this environment? No wonder the Sikh youth are taking off and leaving Sikhi. It’s not a positive experience for them. It’s all judgments for many.

Sikhi really needs to come from the heart and not the head. No one is perfect. We all go through the tests and trials of life and are going through different things. One cannot judge another. We should be there to support and help every step of the way. NO MATTER WHAT.

I have grown up with huge amounts of slander, misunderstanding and negativity towards western Sikhs in our communities and Yogi Bhajan. It’s so saddening to read the things people write. It is like a gossip circle that people feed on. People just twists things and make things up. It’s as if spreading this makes them feel better about themself. Are Sikhs the bullies or the protectors?

One has to accept that we as humans are all unique and different. We need to embrace this diversity and know that there is no ONE way. Just because something is right for you doesn’t mean something is wrong that is different than your understanding. This is the beauty I think of Sikhi is that it is open and from the heart.

I was just reading some discussions about Khalsa Camp and Sikh Student Camp and people where just “throwing mud” and criticizing this and that about the Sikh Student Camp. Everything I read was so off and untrue. Last year I had the chance to visit England for the first time and was able to participate in both these camps. They were the same week so I split my time between the two. I had an awesome time at both the camps and both had great people involved. Each had their differences which made them unique. Ok…lets just accept that there are different ways of doing things. One may not agree with the other methods, but why the need to start fights and judge each other’s methods? This only creates more anger and division within our communities.

The Internet makes it too easy for people to hide behind some anonymous name and criticize people. The next time you are considering writing something online in a discussion forum or email ask yourself if this is something you would say to the person or groups, face to face.

If we as a Sikh Community are going to survive then we HAVE to stop this. There is a way to communicate and question things in neutral way. We are all Sikh Brothers and Sisters and should really start thinking of each other that way. Let’s find what we have in common and not pick at differences. Is your glass “half empty” or “half full”? Let’s build bridges of understanding and acceptance so that we as Sikhs have a tomorrow. Is that too much to ask?

….Let there be peace In your heart, in your home and in the world.

Ps. If you can’t apply any of these suggestions, then at least go buy some Peace Cereal which helps promote peace! :) Celebrate Peace!