RateMyTurban.com T-Shirts

Some of you have probably heard about the RateMyTurban.com website. The idea behind this is to promote the Sikh Turban and make people proud of it (Men and Woman alike!). In this day an age there is so much pressure to conform to society and it can be harder to maintain our identity as Sikhs. It is important that we develop things to support youth in this challenge.

I sometimes hear from Gursikhs on SikhMatrimonials.com who feel bad because a many of the people on the website are looking for a “Non Turbaned Sikh” and are not really looking for a practicing Sikh. It makes one feel like you have to change to be accepted and fit in. This is just one of the many challenges. We even changed the whole layout, design and profile questions on the Sikh Matrimonials in an effort to promote the Sikh Identity (the turban) and support those Sikhs who choose to maintain the Sikh identity.

I remember when I was single, and in my teens/early twenties and still struggling with my identity as a Sikh. I didn’t have many Sikh friends in my area and went out trying to meet people. Not much came out of that in terms of meeting the right kind of people. I always felt the pressure to dress up a certain way, try to look “sexy” and fit in. During that period I had a Girlfriend and my beard was starting to come out. I normally had my hair down in a pony tail at that time. I remember feeling subtle pressure from her about my beard and shaving. It didn’t feel good. In the end things didn’t work out with that girl and I later met my wife, Arjan Kaur who was a world of a difference. It was so surprising for me to meet someone who was attracted to me wearing bana and being a spiritual person. For once I didn’t have to change myself to fit in and could just be myself. What a feeling that is!! What I learned from all this is that we have to be patient and not change ourselves to please society or other people. Be Yourself! If someone doesn’t value who you are…then you are better off with someone else. The true friends are ones that love you and accept you for who you are without judgment and pressure. These friends can sometimes be harder to find these days, but don’t give up hope. I had given up after years of searching…..and when I just let it go…and just left it up to God…. things worked out perfectly. And here I am today. So…be strong and don’t shrink who you are. Shine like a light and set an example so that others feel the courage to also do so.

I got a little off my topic there. Hahaha… That’s what happens sometimes when I blog. Anyways… Check out the latest draft of T-Shirt designs that Ashvinder and Me have been working on. One of the many SikhNet projects. Cool eh? The shirts are not printed yet…so you can’t get them. I’m not yet sure how they will be available to people.

Ps. If you haven’t already done so (and especially if you have a funky cool turban) post your picture up on RateMyTurban.com

I was just looking at our web log and I saw that Yahoo featured RateMyTurban as a “Website Pick”. Check it out (at the bottom) or direct link.

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