Understanding Gurbani – Random Word

In an effort to help us all learn and understand the meaning of words used in Gurbani we are going to be featuring a random Gurbani word and the meaning on the SikhNet home page. So, every time you load the page you will learn about a new word. I myself am looking forward to this because my understanding of Gurbani words is very limited and I hope to learn more.

We have a list of about 330 frequently used words and their meaning, however we need help from someone in the sangat to type the Gurmukhi version into the list. What we are planning to display is something like this:

Gurmukhi word

If you are able to help please let us know and Download the list here which is in Microsoft Excel format. The Gurmukhi column shows text but it uses a font which is not common so we would like to replace it with Gurmukhi typed in the GurbaniLipi Font. Even better would be if someone could type it using Unicode. Information about setting this up is here.

If you have a list of Gurbani words and their meanings please do add to the list and send to us.