Espanola Gurdwara – Live Audio Broadcast

Ever since we did some improvements to our Gurdwara a few years ago I have not been broadcasting our local Gurdwara on the internet. I used to do a live audio/video broadcast for many years every Sunday. However as I started to become the family man and more busy with work it was more difficult to cover.

I’ve been meaning to start this back up again, but haven’t gotten around to it yet because I have to figure out a way to economically setup a few permanent cameras that I can show video (or still frames that update periodically).

This morning my wife was asking me when I was going to set this up again because it is getting really hard for her to sit in Gurdwara for a long time being very pregnant. So, this was a little motivation to at least get the audio part going again. This way she can listen to ghe Gurdwara from home when she isn’t feeling well, or needs to go home early to rest.

So, this message is just to let you know that Gurdwara here in Espanola will be broadcast live every Sunday (starting right now). So, if you are up and awake at the time then you can tune in and virtually be a part of our Gurdwara here.

We don’t have “professional ragis” who are full time, so the Kirtan is just played by members of the Sangat who wish to do kirtan. Musicians are both young and old, western and eastern, so you’ll hear a mix of styles.

Click Here to Listen

Ps. I added a permanent link on the left hand navigator here on my blog which says “Espanola Gurdwara”