Yogi Bhajan Memorial Highway

Ok… it’s like 1AM and it’s been a long day, so I’ll be somewhat brief. We have been having Khalsa Council meetings all week and this afternoon we had a special ceremony to honor the memory of Yogi Bhajan. The city of Espanola and state of New Mexico have dedicated the highway which passes in front of the home of Yogi Bhajan after him. This is a great honor and recognition for all his selfless service to the world. I don’t know of any other highways in the USA which are named after a Sikh.

The New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson and other guests spoke at the dedication event. Many of the New Mexico political figures have been long time friends of Yogi Bhajan (20+ years) and have great respect for him and the things that he accomplished in his lifetime.

One of the things that was cool was that originally the dedication was going to be at a different location outside, but a very unusual thing happened. IT RAINED…AND RAINED…AND RAINED. Normally when it rains you are lucky to get 2 minutes of rain. We haven’t had pretty much any rain for over 6 months and the land has been soo dry. It was as if it rained for this very occasion.

Twice a year we hold “Khalsa Council” meetings which is a leadership group of Sikhs from all over the world that come to Espanola to vision for the future. We had been having these meetings and as a result of the rain the Highway memorial dedication could not be held outside. So, instead… everyone came to the Khalsa Council meetings. So the Governor and all the other New Mexico political figures came to “meet” the Khalsa Council. Cool eh?

During our Khalsa Council Sessions

For the first times in 6+ months we got huge amount of rain!

Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico

Bibiji Inderjit Kaur, the Governor and Siri Sikhdhar Sahiba

Sat Jivan Singh saying a prayer to open the ceremonies.

People in prayer.

Gov. Bill Richardson and Bibiji

Daya Singh addressing everyone.

Gov. Bill Richardson Addressing the Khalsa Council, other political figures and friends of Yogi Bhajan.

Unveiling one of the Signs for the Highway

Bibiji expressing tears of emotion

Some of the signs on the highway

Himmat Singh and Guru Darshan Kaur

Narayan, Sarabjot and Utham being silly.