BBC Interview with Yogi Bhajan in Anandpur Sahib 1999

Here is an interview with Siri Singh Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa (aka: Yogi Bhajan) done by the BBC news service during the 300th anniversary Vaisakhi celebrations in Anandpur Sahib, India (April 19th 1999). The interviewer asks all kinds of questions relating to him coming to America and why many people became Sikhs.

Listen to the interview

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During this time a large group of Sikhs (my family included) came along together on a “yatra” to Anandpur Sahib. Our group had people from all over the world and had quite an experience.

You can browse through the web journal that I put together back in 1999 for the Baisakhi celebrations in Anandpur Sahib. There are lots of interesting pictures, audio clips, videos and stories of our “Yatra” to meet with the Guru in Anandpur on Baisakhi.
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