Featured MP3 Gurbani File – Snatam Kaur

While I was in Singapore staying with my good friends Rajvir Singh and Guru Jaswant Kaur I was flipping through their CDs and found a stack of live recordings from the Malaysian youth camp which they hold every year in December. This past year Snatam Kaur, Hari Bhajan Kaur, Chardi Kala Jatha along with the Senior class of Miri Piri Academy all participated at the camp.

(You can see some pictures and a writeup by Jugat Guru Singh (CK Jatha) about his experiences at the camp.)

Anways…I have been listening to some of these audio tracks and they are great. There are too many to post them all at once, so in between my normal blog posts I’ll post them from time to time.

Here are two selection for you to enjoy! More to come….

Lead Vocals: Snatam Kaur, Backup Vocals: Hari Bhajan Kaur, Guitar: Guruganesha Singh Tabla: ?

Shabad: Nanak Naam Milay Taa Jevaa (36MB)

Shabad: Guru Dev Mata Guru Dev Pita (8.5MB)