Sikh Bloggers – Blog Overload?

Over the past year Sikhs all over the world have started blogs and have been journaling their experiences and lives. When I first started blogging in March 2005 I looked all over the web in search of other Sikh Bloggers, only to find a few and no central place to find them. I setup the Sikh Bloggers Page on SikhiWiki to serve as a directory for other Sikh related blogs, so that it would be easier for people to find and be found.

Now more than a year later there are so many Sikh blogs out there and it proves challenging to keep up with all of them and know which ones are interesting. New blogs pop up almost daily. When I look at the Sikh Bloggers page it can be overwhelming. As you get more and more listings it becomes harder to set them all apart and know which ones might be of interest. Also, some people start a blog but stop updating it after a short period of time….so many of the blogs might already be abandoned.

So…here is the challenge I put out to you all in hope of improving the Sikh Blog space by featuring some of the good Sikh blogs that others might not know of. Currently there are some featured blogs listed on the top of the Sikh blogger page, however this has not been updated for ages and most are featured by the bloggers themselves. The task at hand is for someone to go through the list of blogs and pick out the unique blogs that you feel stand out from the crowd and then write a few sentences about them. Please don’t feature your own blog as that is a conflict of interest.

The purpose is to highlight some of the more interesting blogs that are updated regularly and provide some information about each of them.

Read to Get Started? Head on over to SikhiWiki Sikh Bloggers Page and start browsing through the blogs. Suggested featured blogs could be first added to the “Discussion” area of the blogger page (because there may be others also helping with this), before the final list replacing the existing featured blogs.