Vaisakhi and The Journey Home

It’s Saturday and I am sitting on the airplane on my way home to Espanola, New Mexico, from Singapore. The flight is going to be a little shorter than the way over but I still have about 24 hours total of traveling time till I get home. It’s great going to places for visits but the long journeys can be hard. It took me about 3 days to get over jetlag and normalize on the way over. I’m hoping it is quicker on the way back. This has been the longest I have been away from my wife Arjan and son Narayan, so I am really missing them. Every time I saw a Sikh child my heart would ache and remind me of my son. I love being a father and having a family. It is a lot of work, but is very rewarding and teaches one quite a bit.

I had a great visit to Singapore/Malaysia and met a lot of Sikhs. It’s been interesting seeing the differences in Sikhs from different parts of the world. Each having a similar base in Sikhi…but subtle differences influenced by the local culture. I think traveling and meeting Sikhs from different areas helps me realize the needs of Sikhs in different communities. It also has helped establish personal relations with active sevadhars all over who are motivated and want to use their time and energy for higher good. My prayer is that more and more people will work together to create a larger impact to meet the needs of the times.

Yesterday we celebrated Vaisakhi in Singapore. There were large Gurdwara celebrations all over. I was able to visit three different Gurdwaras, listen to Kirtan, and meet many of the Sangat. It was a joyous celebration, however for many it seemed like an empty ritual holiday. I heard Baisakhi called the Sikh new year, so this got me thinking. Many people make certain commitments to themselves to do certain things or make changes in their life when the new year starts (New Years Resolutions). So why not take this opportunity to think about your life and committing to doing something for yourself? Too often we get lazy and caught up in the every day cycle of things. Challenge yourself to go beyond your comfort zone! Think about something and make a commitment to yourself to do it. If some of you would like to share your (New Year) Baisakhi Commitments for this next year you can post a comment.