Guru Nanak Primary School – Beautiful CD by the Children

When I was in England last September (2005), I met Sukhmani Kaur (a fellow Sikh blogger). During my stay in England she brought myself and some other youth to visit the Guru Nanak Primary School (in Hayes). As you might have guessed she is a teacher there. She was involved with the children in making a nice Gurbani CD which was part of an extra-curricular club. This CD by the children is now being made available to the Sangat on a donation basis in order to raise funding for the school. I think Guru Nanak Primary School is one of the few Sikh public schools in England. I hope those of you that like the below tracks will support the school and make a donation.

Anyways, she gave me a CD while I was there, and for whatever reason never had a chance to listen to it. A few weeks ago I got an email from Sukhmani Kaur asking what I thought about it and possibly reviewing the CD. I thought to myself, “I haven’t even listened to the CD yet!”. So I looked through my desk and there it was (9 months after receiving it).

I started listening to it at work and really enjoyed it! Some of the CDs by kids are hard to listen to more than once…but this one I really enjoyed. My favorite tracks are the first and last ones which you can hear below. I have been listening to the “Wahe Guru Simran” track non-stop in my office at work for the past couple weeks. It is very soothing and helps me stay relaxed.

So, if you would like to support the school and get a copy of the CD they are suggesting a 5 pound minimum donation, and then they will send you a copy of the CD. Get a great CD and support a good cause!

Featured CD Tracks:

Vaheguru Simran

Khalsa Ji Ke Bol Bale (Ardas)

You can visit the school website at:

A few pictures from my visit to the school:
Here we are as “Kids in the Classroom”
Standing in front of the school