Spring Gardening…

Well…in preparation for spring this past weekend I got back into my “gardening” mode and worked the soil. Tilled up the rows with a pick axe (some good manual labor!). I was pretty tired out by the end. It’s some hard work…but felt really good.

I love having a garden because it is so “grounding”. I work all the time on the computer in another world and working my hands in the dirt is relaxing. Plus, you get yummy fresh vegetables. I’m starting out with cold season things like lettuce, kale, spinach, etc..which do fine in the early spring and don’t like the heat.

I have been composting all our organic waste since last year so I had a good amount of fresh compost soil to mix in the rows. It gives the plants lots of stuff they like to grow big and tasty. I have a big black composter at the back next to the fence in the picture. It is amazing how much composting has reduced the amount of trash/waste that I produce. Everyone should do it if they can.

I also have drip watering system which saves lots of water and gives water directly to the area of the plants. You can see the drip lines in the rows. Espanola is in the high desert (6,000 feet above sea level) and lately we have been in drought conditions, so we have to all be very consious of our water usage. Most people take water for granted. Me and Arjan do whatever we can to conserve water. This weekend I got a fountain pump from the hardware store and it has a connection for a garden hose. Narayan takes baths every day…and we always felt bad about wasting that much water every day. So…When he is done bathing and I take a shower I drop the little pump into the tub and connect the hose (which is just outside the bathroom window next) and it pumps all the water out onto the lawn. You can see the hose coming from the window in this picture. Pretty cool eh? Some people might think it extreme…but I think if we all do a little to conserve water then we will be ok. It’s a few extra minutes but I think it helps reduce waste and re-use water.