More MP3 files by Hari Bhajan Kaur

Tonight I was just going through my hard drive, organizing files on my computer and I found a couple of audio tracks by Hari Bhajan Kaur from Gurdwara a long while back. Many of you had emailed me that you really enjoyed the last track that I posted (Gobinday Mukhanday) so I figured I would post some more. Hari Bhajan Kaur is gifted with a beautiful voice which I always bliss out singing along at Gurdwara. I keep trying to encourage her to record a CD, and the last time I spoke with her it sounded like she was planning things out. It’s just a matter of time. In the mean time I’ll continue enjoying the soothing vibrations at Gurdwara.

The following track: "Sat Siri Siri Akal" was recorded the same Gurdwara as the "Gobinday Mukhanday" one.

Title: Sat Siri Siri Akal (10MB)
By: Hari Bhajan Kaur (The chanting was lead by Hari Bhajan kaur (Guitar) along with, Hari Rai Kaur, Hari Simran Kaur, Hari Kaur (Harp), Guru Nam Singh and Guru Darbar Singh (Tabla).

I don’t remember the background relating to this song. I tried to write something up…but I couldn’t do it justice. Maybe someone else who knows the story can share some info about the healing walk, the Ram Das Puri Land, and the Native Americans (Where the Summer Solstice camp is held).

Title: Sacred Healing Walk Song (11MB)
By: Hari Bhajan Kaur

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