Another One….Ray Man Eh Bidh Jogh Kamau

Ok…here is another "bonus" track from a couple weeks ago. I was sitting with them singing so wasn’t able to monitor the audio levels on the recorder…so my apologies for the audio distortion at some parts. Unfortunately once you have this kind of distortion there isn’t much you can do to the audio to fix it (and I did try!). Oh well. It’s a beautiful shabad in spite of the recording imperfections.

Gurujot…you rock! Ever since I heard him playing the Dilruba a few weeks ago in Gurdwara I have fallen in love with the sound of this instrument. There is something to this sound which just moves me. It’s so great seeing so many sikhs learning how to play these instruments which were from the Guru’s time. I am thankful that organizations like Raj Academy are helping revive these instruments in Gurbani Music by teaching.

Shabad: Ray Man Eh Bidh Jogh Kamao (23 MB)
Musician: Hari Bhajan Kaur (vocals, harmonium), Guru Jot Singh (Dilruba, vocals), Hari Simran Kaur (Harp)