3HO Summer Solstice

I recently came across this short video which was produced in 2003 by a TV producer, who came to the Summer Solstice camp in Espanola, New Mexico. I think it was used as a news story or something like that on TV back then. Keep in mind that the producer focused mostly on the yoga aspect of the camp, however the camp is much more “full” than described in the video. In other words for those of you who haven’t done Yoga before there is a lot of other things in the camp that you would enjoy.

I have already gotten quite a few emails from Sikhs from England, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore and the USA who are thinking of coming to one of the camps this summer. If you are interested and considering coming email me, so that I can be of assistance (Especially if you are a student or youth). Myself and some of the other Sikh youth are probably going to plan something right before the Summer Solstice camp for those of you that come…so that we can get a chance to hang out and visit with the local sangat before the camp begins.

Why am I promoting these camps? Well, I personally think they are awesome, and one can learn a lot from them. I go to the Summer Solstice camp EVERY year (since I was a wee lad) and it’s always an experience and something new to learn. Solstice is my “spiritual recharge” for the year. Also one of my goals with running the blog is to help bridge the gap between Sikhs from Eastern and Western origins, so that we can better understand each other and work together. There is so much misunderstanding about “white Sikhs” and 3HO….since most just really don’t know much about us. These camps are an opportunity not only learn but also get an experience as to how many people come into Sikhi. It is also a great chance to make tons of new friends and really make some connections with your Sikh Brothers and Sisters here. We hope to see some of you here this summer!

Ps. You can view/download the Summer Solstice “Info Packet” which gives lots of details on what to expect at the camp, example of daily schedules and things that go one during the week and what to bring. View/Download it here (Adobe acrobat file).

You can read my previous post about Summer Solstice and the other summer events if you missed that one.