Ravinderpal Singh & Company – Gurbani MP3 Files

This past weekend Ravinderpal Singh (Southhall, UK) came and visited us here in Espanola, New Mexico. During the Gurdwara on Sunday a few of us locals joined in to play kirtan along with him. Siri Chand Singh played Tablas, Ravinderpal Singh sung the main vocals and played harmonium, Gurujot Singh played the Dilruba and backup vocals, and me (Gurumustuk) more backup vocals. Even though we only had a brief chance to practice the night before at my house, it all worked out great. It was a very meditative 35 minutes of Kirtan which the sangat seemed to enjoy a lot. I especially loved the sound of the Dilruba which really added to the mood of the music. The funny thing is that I didn’t even know that Gurujot played the Dilruba and I work with him all day at SikhNet. You can check out Gurujot’s Personal Page Here.

Classical instruments are coming back “in”, thanks to all those people that have been making the effort to educate people about their place in traditional Gurbani and teaching how to play them. Raj Academy seems to be doing a lot of work in this department. You can even take an online course with them.

Anyways…you can download the audio files below. Hopefully you will enjoy the kirtan as much as we did singing it!

Wahe Guru – Ad Gureh Nameh (14MB)
Sat Gur Ayio Sharan Tumhari (16MB)
Sajanra Mera Sajanra (15MB)

Ravinderpal Singh – Espanola Gurbani Kirtan
(32 minutes continuous)