My Weekend

On friday my “Bruv” Raminderpal (AKA: Rumta/Ravi/Southall wale) gave us a visit here in Espanola, all the way from England. He has been doing some volenteer work in New York for the past few months. Now that he is finished he made a detour to check out the happenings in our little “pind”. We had an action packed weekend. Here are a few pictures from the past day or so.

Ravinderpal and Me after Gurdwara

It was such a nice day out, so we had langar outside on the grass after Gurdwara

Ravinderpal, Siri Chand, Gurujot and Prabhu

Ravinderpal and Siri Chand at my house

Last night we had a little get together our my house, ate pizza, talked about all kinds of stuff and then did some kirtan (practicing the shabads for Gurdwara).

Dharam was “practicing” with us with Narayan’s Baby Tablas. I thought it was pretty funny seeing huge dharam playing the super mini tablas.

Narayan, Sahib and Prabhujot Singh

The kids going ahead of Siri Guru Granth Sahib after Sukhasn.

My and my little guy Narayan….

This is a cool shot of Siri Chand. His bright orange turban and dark skin in the bright sun looked beautiful.

Dharam, Narayan and Himat Singh. The past two weeks Himat Singh has been tying a Damalla on Narayan. He loves it. It’s great for Narayan to have cool uncles to look up to and play with.

Vasu driving the car…

Eating Langar out on the grass after Gurdwara

Sahej Singh doing Ardas

Prabhu Singh during Ardas

Siri Chand Singh

Narayan with his Dhamalla Turban.

GuruDarbar Singh playing the Nagara drum during Ardas. Amar singh loves to also do it so Lakhmi Chand is helping him play the drum also.

Here we are doing kirtan at Gurdwara.