Featured MP3 Gurbani File

There are so many Gurbani MP3 files out there and it can be quite overwhelming. So, I take it upon myself to share some "Gurbani mp3 picks" which I think stand out. Everyone has different tastes so I am just sharing the things that I like.

The last time I posted some Kirtan by Dalip Kaur was last june from the Summer solstice camp here in Espanola. If you haven’t heard those already…check them out.

Some people had asked me to post some more of her Kirtan so here is another one that I just came across while going through my MP3 files. It is a slow and meditative shabad and makes me feel relaxed.

Music by: Dalip Kaur
Shabad: Sae Sanjog Karo Maerae Pyaarae (8.3MB)