Music of Sikhs from Around the World

It is pretty cool seeing people from many different cultural backgrounds adopt the Sikh lifestyle. The interesting part of it is that each culture has it’s own flavor, music, style etc., which brings a unique new face to Sikhi. Also, many Sikhs who were originally from India/Punjab have settled around the world and the younger generation have adopted the culture of the country they live in. It is all fusing together.

One of the most common differences that we see (aside from language) is music. Some of you might have been to our Gurdwara or heard music played by Sikhs who are not from a Punjabi background. The music, tunes, instruments and sound is so different. Many people in our Gurdwara do Kirtan with a Guitar. Some play the violin or flute, keyboard or just about any instrument. We all bring out the love of Gurbani and Sikhi in different ways. For some one style might not be appealing or meditative…but for others it is, depending on your background.

There are so many different CD’s out these days by Sikhs from all over the world. Sikhs from South America (Chile, Argentina, Brazil), Mexico, Spain, Europe, Australia, etc. Each bringing a certain element of their own culture into the music.

Ok…now for a few music samples. Most of them are copyrighted music so I have not provided a download link.

Some of you might have already heard of “Khalsa Palay” which is a CD in a Reggae/Dub style. It’s definitely unique. Feel the vibrations, mon!

Khalsa Palay was born in Uganda of south Asian parentage and raised in Britain; he is a committed Sikh and on this, his debut release, he praises the ten Gurus of his religion, whilst upholding righteousness and sending out greetings to all humankind – as he says, “keep the vibes positive“. – Read more or get the CD

Musician: Khalsa Palay
We are the Khalsa
Download MP3

This track is definitely a new rendition of the song that the kids sing “We are the Khalsa, the mighty mighty Khalsa….”

Ok now that you have heard the Reggae vibes…how about some blues? Check out this track by Awtar Singh who is the father of Lakhmi Chand and Siri Chand Singh. He made a whole CD of inspirational music that he sings in the “blues”. Come one now…..shout “Wahe Guru”! Sing along… :)

By: Awtar Singh
Title: “Every Time I think of God I Just Want to Shout Waheguru”

Ok…now for some Spanish music style. This track is by Matamandir Singh and his music definitely has a feel of Spain with the different instruments and tunes he plays.

By: Matamandir Singh
Title: Mulmantra

Here is a track by Snatam Kaur that has a native Indian (American Indian) flavor to it. Is very meditative and soothing to listen to.

By: Snatam Kaur
Title: Waheguru

You can purchase this CD here

I think that is enough for one night. I think you sort of get the picture right? As Guru Gobind Singh declared that Khalsa will be 960,000,000. I guess with that comes all the different cultures and music of the people of the world. It’s important for us to be open and accepting to Sikhs from different cultures even though some things might feel/sound different than you are used to. Everyone’s journey on the path of Sikhi is different….and you can’t always compare your experiences with those of someone else’s. It’s a wonderful journey isn’t it!?