Martyrs of Amritsar

In the mid 70’s Guruliv Singh created quite a few different audio stories relating to different things from Sikh history. These are the stories that I grew up on and used to fall asleep listening to. Narayan now listens to them too when he goes to sleep. At night he always says “Papa…I want to hear the Guru Stories!”. I think he has heard them enough times to know quite a bit of the story-line by heart. It’s a great way for kids to learn.

I recently found a few more stories that Guruliv Singh had produced that I did not have. Tonight I will share one of them with you. This story is titled the “Martyrs of Amritsar“, and was made to tell the story of those that sacrificed their lives in Amritsar on Baisakhi Day, 1978. It tells the story of Bhai Fauja Singh’s leadership along with the other Sikhs. Curious about the story? Well…you’ll just have to listen to it to find out more.

Martyrs of Amritsar
Story told by Gurliv Singh

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You can also read more about Bhai Fauja Singh and what happened there that Baisakhi. There are articles, Stories and Letters remembering the life of Bhai Fauja Singh and others. All material on the website came from the 1978 Spring issue of the “Beads of Truth” Magazine.

PS. For those that enjoyed this story you can buy the three audio CDs which have most of the stories by Gurliv Singh. Well worth the $12.98 for each CD! You can order them here (Vol 1, 2 and 3)